Terms of Service


  • The sale of goods takes place through the website www.sophorahome.com, the address for claim is: info@sophorahome.com
  • Basic characteristic of the goods can be found at sophorahome.com
  • Goods sold through the website www.sophorahome.com possess the properties necessary for the regular use of that type of goods in accordance with its purpose, as defined in the Product Care instructions accompanying each product
  • The suitability of the goods under the contract is ONLY determined by the characteristics and purpose of the goods as defined in the Product Care manual
  • The selling price of the goods indicated with each item, is the retail price and does not include shipping costs
  • If you want to sell our products or need larger quantities of them, please email us at info@sophorahome.com to arrange a wholesale price and other details
  • We ship the purchased goods via Post Express courier service as defined in Delivery and Payment
  • The ability to purchase goods with special price benefits and ∕ or with special sales incentives (special offers) is carried out in accordance with the conditions published on the website sophorahome.com
  • When making purchases on the site, the utmost care shall be taken to protect the privacy of the customer’s data in the manner defined in Privacy Policy
  • The consumer can pay for the goods he purchases through the www.sophorahome.com website through PayPal service
  • The consumer assumes the obligation to pay for the ordered goods when creating the purchase order by pressing the ORDER button;
  • We strive to keep product descriptions, prices and images as accurate as possible and keep product availability up to date. However, we cannot guarantee that all information is complete and error free
  • All potential errors are unintentional and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We reserve the right to correct any misinformation and update the product at any time without notice
  • Prices for our products are subject to change without notice
  • We have made every effort to accurately display the colors and images of our products that appear in the store. We cannot guarantee that any color on your computer monitor or phone display will be identical to our photo
  • All products on our site are made of solid wood. The wood is of good quality, pre-steamed and dried, but the wood is not a homogeneous material, so there are no two identical products in terms of shades of color wood and pattern, each one is unique. So the pictures of products that are made in smaller series are not true to the ones you will get in the web store. They can be slightly different in wood shades, wood patterns …
  • in case of receipt of the goods, if the consumer does not want to keep them, he has the right to cancel the contract and to recover the amount of the purchase price paid for the goods in question, within 14 days in the manner defined in the Complaints and Refund Police
  • for goods ordered through an online store, the consumer has the right to make a claim on the product, in the manner defined in the Complaints and Refund Police
  • Our products are made to last for many years, furniture has been passed on for generations, but they need your “help” in the form of proper care and comply with to the simple instruction manual that comes with each product.
  • If you have any additional questions regarding the maintenance of wooden products, please feel free to contact us at info@sophorahome.com

With respect,

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