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About us

“Sophorahome” was created from the desire to present our products in the world’s largest store – the Internet, and in this way we enable a great number of people to be convinced primarily about the quality and beauty of wooden products that are made in an art carpentry workshop.

“Sophora” has been in existence for more than ten years and is mainly engaged in the production of furniture made of solid wood. In the process of furniture production there is a large quantity of rests of quality wood for which the real damage would end up as firewood. We in “Sophora”  provide such wood “a second chance ” And as a result, appear different various shapes and dimensions of boards, bowls, lamps, nutcracker … and many other products that you can see on our site.

In the production we use primarily domestic types of wood, which grow in Serbia. Domestic walnut, oak, elm, acacia, pear, cherry, ash, maple and recently American walnut that is also growing in our region. 

We often have the opportunity to make furniture and other wooden little things from trees that grew in different parks. In this way, the tree that has completed the function of the lungs of the city gets the opportunity to continue its life through a fine piece of furniture that has its own beautiful story that will be passed on from generation to generation.

For the pagoda tree (sophora), whose name is also owned by our company, maybe few people hear it, but it grows well in our country. It has a lush, tall treetop, with tiny, very honey-blooming flowers that flourish at the end of the summer, which bees, and beekeepers, adore.