Nutcracker (1500)


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Nutcracker (1500)

Material: walnut
Dimensions: length 120 mm , Ø ≈ 55 mm
Product weight: 100 g



Nutcracker for nuts and hazelnuts is made of solid wood of walnut. It is very practical, without the use of high strength, it can break the shell of nuts and hazelnuts. With dose strength, turning the spiral of the shell breaks, the fruit remains undamaged, and the pieces of shells remain in the nutcracker’s cup, they do not waste in the apartment. The nutcracker is treated by food grade mineral oil. Wood is not a homogeneous material so that each hnutcracker is unique.

Product care manual:

Wipe with a dry cloth

Depending on the frequency of use, the wood product is occasionally covered with some edible, cold pressed, oil (linseed, sunflower, olive oil …) wait five minutes and pick up excess oil with a napkin. In this way you nurture and prolong the shelf life of wood products

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