Bell – walnut – set – Cutting board (1014)



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Cutting board – Bell – walnut – set 

Code: 1014

Material: walnut

Dimensions of first board: 305  mm × 220 mm × 20 mm

Dimensions of first board: 378 mm × 220 mm × 20 mm

Product weight: 1520 g



The cutting board is made of solid wood of walnut. The cutting boards are treated by food grade mineral oil. For chopping, do not use knife with serrated blade but a knife with a regular blade. The board should not be used as a pad for s hot cookware, because the burned trail on the wood will remain. The wood is not a homogeneous material so that every board have unique  natural pattern of wood texture that can be different by appearance on both sides of the board.

Product care manual:

  • Wash the product before using it for the first time
  • Wash under a jet of water, without immersion, mild detergent for dishwashing with kitchen sponge
  • Let it be naturally dried away from the heat source
  • Wood products must not be washed in a dishwasher
  • Depending on the frequency of use, the wood product is occasionally treated with some edible, cold pressed, oil (linseed, sunflower, olive oil …) wait five minutes and pick up excess oil with a napkin. In this way you nurture and prolong the service life of wood products

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